SmartVolumeControl3 brings eleven (11) different volume HUD replacements, each one built and designed to offer aesthetic changes, usability improvements, and more. Most presentation styles are smart and touchable, meaning that by enabling the activation support (using R.Petrich's Activator tweak), you can both present and set your device's volume level without having to press any hardware button/switch. 
Your device's volume control on your fingers.
Plenty available styles.
SmartVolumeControl3 gives you access to elevn (11) different styles to choose from, including Classic (Apple's prior to iOS12 volume HUD), Windows10 like, Android like, iOS 11 Video Player like presentation styles and many more concepts made specially for your device.
Customizations? No problem.
SmartVolumeControl3 allows you to pick among four (4) skins on most view styles to match your favor or theme. Choose among Light/Dark/Adaptive(based on device's light/dark node) and OLED mode (for battery saving). Moreover, you may choose the background (glass) thickness to allow more or less transparency!
Anything more?
SmartVolumeControl3 will allow you to change the volume steps (click between min and max volume), HUD's auto-dismissal time, fast mute feature (immediately mute device if press and hold volume down), lockscreen presentation and even wake screen upon volume changes. It also includes several options for haptic feedback where supported, and finally Activator support, so you can present you HUD however you like.

Configure options from settings.

* Bug fixes.
Version 1.2.2k
Downloads 495
Author midkin
iOS Version(s) 13.0-14.5