SmartVolumeMixer2 brings independent volume control on your iDevice system wide like never before. You may change the volume level at twelve (12) different categories of volumes separately including notification volume, alarm volume, ringtone volume, siri volume and many more!.
Two styles to choose from.
SmartVolumeMixer2 gives you access to two (2) different styles to choose from: classic and modern, each one designed for easy usage, smart feedback and modern look.
Customizations? No problem.
SmartVolumeMixer2 allows you to pick among four (4) themes to match your favor or theme. Choose among Adaptive/Light/Dark or OLED mode. It also allows you to change the size of the presented view to better match your screen size, hide/show volume categories and even enable hatpic feedback support and few animation settings.
Anything more?
SmartVolumeMixer2 inludes three (3) different Activation methods to both present and dismiss it. One including support for Activator tweaks, giving you endless options, activation/deactivation by shaking your device, or alternately it gives you the option to completely replace system's HUD system wide.

Configure options from settings.

* Added more mixer size options (slider now has 10 steps).
* Added the ability to enable/disable volume categories presentation (a.k.a. Mixer's presented sliders count).
* Added the ability to automatically dismiss Mixer's UI (for both replace HUD option and presented by Activation actions option).
* Added haptic feedback support (for devices iPhone 7+).
* Highly improved code efficiency.
* Reduced file size.
Version 1.1
Downloads 406
Author midkin
iOS Version(s) 13.0-14.5