Add a Second Clock to The Lock Screen And Statusbar.
Supports iOS 13 and A12/A13
I made this tweak in inspiration of the "Dual Clock" seen on some Huawei phones (here), as I thought it would be really convenient to have two time zones on your lock screen, instead of having to open the Clock app to check the time in another country/city.
Note, if updating from v1.0.1 or lower to a new version, you'll need to disable and re-enable lockscreen mode as I re-wrote the preferences component of the tweak in v1.1

  • Two extremely customisable clocks on the lockscreen.
  • Add two different time zones to the statusbar (devices without the notch need to install a tweak that enables the notch statusbar).
  • Show and hide AM/PM.
  • Show seconds.
  • Hide Face-ID Lock.
  • Hide Charging Indicator.
  • 24 hour and 12 hour mode.
  • Adjust the Vertical position of the times.
  • Support for upcoming Kalm version.
  • Supports Axon.
  • Supports Quart.

* Rewrote some code, improved logic.
* If this doesn't work on A12, contact me on Twitter: @exodia9610
Version 1.6.3
Downloads 138
Author exodia9610
iOS Version(s) 13.0-latest