Fall Inspired Icons


  • 300 Icons
  • 25 Alternate Icons
  • 2 Badges
  • 2 Masks
  • Overlays
  • Shadows
  • Lockscreen Widget
  • Respring Logo
  • Settings Icons
  • Statusbar
  • UI Elements
  • 6 Wallpapers


  • The included wallpapers can be accessed by navigating to /Library/Themes/Harvest Wallpapers.theme
  • Wallpapers also available at: Dropbox LinkDropbox Link

Lockscreen Widget

  • Use with XenHTML

Icon Requests

  • Harvest will continue to be updated and apps can be requested through Twitter or Reddit
  • A list of supported apps can be seen here


  • Compatible with all devices, iOS 7.0-13.5
  • If you'd like to further support me and the future of Harvest, you can PayPal me here
  • Follow me on Twitter for frequent updates on Gateau's progress
  • Harvest has only been tested with Snowboard and it's extensions but should still work with iThemer and Anemone
  • In order to use a lot of the included options with Snowboard, please make sure you have all the proper extensions installed from the repo
  • Refunds will be declined after one day of use

Version 1.0
Downloads 564
Author Steve Sarmiento
iOS Version(s) 7.0-13.6